Happy Doodle Didn’t Look Back

Baja Exiles spay neuter
Baja Exiles spay neuter
How Little Doodle arrived at El Rancho Exilio

We thought he was either lost or abandoned.

He was spotted wandering up and down the river road by the playa and Magana’s Restaurant.  His fur was matted and dirty and wore a faded blue collar.

Surely, he had an owner and simply got away. Someone had to be looking for him!

Baja Exiles spay neuter
Sweet and hug-able

We waited for a response to our fliers and when no one claimed him he became part of our foster and adoption network.

We named him DOODLE (because he was sort-of poodle) and his sad story became very happy.

While in foster care, he got looked at by a Vet and spiffed up. He even got a bright yellow sweater!  He was all ready to roll right into a San Diego adoption.

Baja Exiles spay neuter
Look at what FOSTER care does!



On a wonderful Sunday in May, he was taken to Petco Unleashed in Chula Vista where he found his new FURever home. Jackie Rawding, his foster and adoption coordinator placed him in the arms of a loving Mom and family. She spoke Spanish- like him- and her children made his dream complete. He was so happy Jackie reports “he didn’t even look back.”

Baja Exiles spay neuter

This is the stuff that adoption dreams are made of!

So many lost and abandoned pets aren’t as lucky. They go unnoticed as they wander the streets desperate and alone. Oftentimes they are dropped off at highly trafficked areas like taxi stops, restaurants and convenient stores.  This is an alarming practice and we still can’t believe that pets can be abandoned like this. Learn more.

Our hope is that we continue our Education Program “Love Your Pet” “Ama A Tu Mascota” to grow awareness to the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Thank you for helping us support animal programs like spay and neuter, fosters save lives and education workshops!

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  1. Very nice story on “Doodle”. I am sure he is at home enjoying the couch or a lap. Thanks to all who rescued these abandoned animals that only want to please their owners. For some reason their are owners out there that cannot return the love.

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