Frankie’s Mistaken Identity: A Double Success Story

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OMG! A ‘kitty cat’ reality show right here in La Mision! It is filled with mistaken identity and sexual intrigue. All wrapped up in a HAPPY cat adoption story.

Frankie, a Siamese male, was trapped by those of us that had been seeing him lurking around for several years.  His history was that he was 8 years old, had run away from his original owner and was surreptiously dining at El Rancho Exilio.  Clearly, from the exploding local Siamese population, Frankie was busy.

The morning after trapping him, we took him to be neutered and examined.  He had a very large bite wound on the inside of his hind leg and required many stitches and a drain.  And, he was neutered.

Imagine our surprise when the day we brought Frankie home to heal, the REAL Frankie was found inside a neighbor’s kitchen, eating her cat’s food.  This Frankie was immediately taken in to be neutered.  He had a huge, abscessed wound on his shoulder.  It couldn’t be stitched and had to be left open to heal from the inside.  Seems all that fighting to have sex causes major injuries. Real Frankie came home to heal also.

After healing, the first and fake Frankie was taken in by a foster, because he was and is extremely affectionate and talkative.  He loves people.  He was destined to be a star at the Cat Cafe in San Diego, but got snapped up immediately by a lady that was smitten with him the day before he was to get to go there.

The Original Frankie, who had been a roamer for 8 years, was released at El Rancho Exilio.  He lives there in peace now, not being fearful of people or other critters.

Happy Ending(s).

Thank you for adopting a rescue.

For cat adoptions, try The Cat Cafe in San Diego. Visit them by clicking on



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