Rocky’s Magical Story

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This is the story of Rocky.

When I first met Rocky he was so scared of human contact that he would hide in the bushes to stay as far away from people as possible. It was very hard to even take his picture. At the ranch, he huddled behind some geranium leaves and we managed to snap a few shots. Baja Exiles spay neuterHe was peeking out of the leaves and the shots were perfect. The pictures showed his sweetness but he was really a scared little boy.

He became the first dog to enter our foster network. We had high hopes. Gracie Field stepped up and fostered him. She already had other little furry ones and he would be no bother. Fostering is so important.  It is the only way to teach them trust and give them the proper socialization that they need to find their FURever home. Fosters Save Lives.

Rocky desperately needed this trust and love that fostering offered. It was critical to his healing from his early trauma. You see, he was put in a bag and thrown over Susan Baldwin’s fence left to die. If it wasn’t for the care of Susan Baldwin, a local animal rescuer, he would not have had a chance. Starving and full of mange and ticks that covered his entire body, he had a very slim chance of survival. Baja Exiles spay neuterWith her loving care he became strong.  He slowly began to accept her touch. But she knew he needed more. His outside wounds were healed but inside he needed to learn the love of a caring owner.

Gracie Field, a fervent local animal advocate, fostered him. He began to bond with her other pets. Toby, a big golden retriever mix, was also rescued by the Fields. He became Rocky’s best friend. Baja Exiles spay neuterThey could not separate them. The Fields officially adopted little Rocky.

Now, his life is an amazing triumph of compassion and of the bonds that connect all living things.

Adopt a rescue.

Fosters Save Lives.



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  1. What an awesome story and power to our much needed fosters. Grace and Victor you are angels to the rescues.

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