From Stray to Starlet: Wolfie’s Success Story

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As a stray she was known as Wolfie named by her foster parents Elisa and Alessandro.

She used to follow Alessandro home. Look, she has chosen you. The neighbors would say. Neighbors encouraged him to  take her home with him.  Alessandro did. But as a foster. “You need to find her a home” he would always say. “We cannot keep two dogs.” They are the proud owners of another rescue Scrappy Doo.

Wolfie was a stray and a nuisance like so many other homeless animals. Luckily, Alessandro and Elisa took her in. Fed her and kept her out of trouble giving animal advocates enough time to find her the perfect home. FOSTERS SAVE LIVES.

Jackie Rawding made the match. A new resident to her Popotla community, a man was looking for an adventurous companion on his travels. Wolfie was the perfect dog. “She won the lottery,” Jackie would tell us. “She is living the dream life that one.”

Now she is affectionately called Woofie and her purpose in life has escalated to starring in her own movie that hopes to bring awareness to the needs of animals and of people in Mexico, Baja California.

Edwardo and Brenda are Mexican and are traveling and hiking in Northern Baja. Because of the strong bond that was created almost immediately when they met Wolfie, they are inspired to create a non-profit charity that will grow awareness to homeless animals in Baja and its people that need help and support. They plan on making a film. Woofie will be the star. A symbol of the love and beauty that is buried in Baja.

If you go through Popotla, you can see Woofie with her new  family. On any given day she is hanging out and enjoying the sunset. She and her new FURever family have big plans.



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