Grateful For Paloma The Sweetest Most Awesome Dog

Baja Exiles animal rescue

Fun stuff! We received this great report from Paloma’s (aka Dee Dee’s) adopters Mari and Tom Daniel.

Baja Exiles animal rescue
Paloma and Her best buddy Pitbull Cisco.

“We adopted Paloma on June 29th and she has become a member of our family now.  She is the sweetest, most awesome dog that I’ve ever met!

She and our Pitbull Cisco have become wonderful friends who play and sleep together.  She has a lot of “spunk” and loves to chew on Cisco’s ears and neck and enjoys her walks and beach runs with Cisco.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.”

Cindi Kirchhoff who hooked Paloma up with her new family was so happy to see that her hunch worked.

Baja Exiles animal rescue
Loving being Loved by Mari.

“Tom and Mari Daniel told me they were thinking of adding a new pet since their beloved Louie had died. They were looking for a small female that would get along with their big dog, Cisco. When I laid eyes on Dee Dee, I thought she might be a good match.

When I took her to their house to meet them, she was reticent at first, but Cisco actually drooled all over her, he was so enamored. Tom and Mari were also reticent, as Dee Dee was very shy and not too sure of her new surroundings. With the understanding that Dee Dee could absolutely go back to her foster home if she wasn’t a good fit, they decided to keep her for a few days. I am so happy to say that over a month later, I see them load and unload both dogs for a walk on the beach every evening. Everyone looks so happy. And Dee Dee is now called Paloma!”

Awareness grows harmony. And that’s what makes communities work for people and for its animals!

Thank you all for working together and for supporting animal rescue.

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