Blanca Choses Her Family In The Mesas of La Mision

Baja Exiles animal rescue
Baja Exiles animal rescue
Blanca noses her way into their hearts.

Do you remember this little chihuahua roaming around the calles of La Mision? Well, she was adopted by a visiting couple who shares their story with us.

“Blanca started coming to our house that we rented in La Mision in September – December 2014. We were not sure if she was someones dog or not because she came around 10-11 am and always left around 5 pm, so we always let her be on the veranda so she was free to leave anytime. Of course we started giving her some water and some food and she ate like a monster…She was very round around the belly so we thought that maybe she was pregnant.

My husband loved her right away but I was a little skeptical but felt pity for her. She was full of fleas and dirt so Daniel washed her, but still she left at night and we were ok with that. When we were walking around in the neighborhood people asked us if she was ours and we said -“Nope, she is just following us around.” We did not even think about adopting her because we were not allowed to have pets in our apartment in LA, also we travel a lot. And how are we getting her to the States?

Stacey and Derek called her “Abuela”, we called her “Pulgas Kokopelli”. We heard stories about her from people in La Mision that they had seen her at the farmers market on Mondays fighting for food with other dogs and that they had also seen her on the beach, and that she was living in a hole under a bush and so on. Someone claimed that she had been living with a family too but was thrown out.

Baja Exiles animal rescue
A Guesthouse overlooking the mesas.

Well, it became a routine that she came everyday to the house about the same time and the days when we were not at home she had left a poop on the drive way, a “Blanca poop”, like a message that she had been there. So cute. I started to think she is really smart. And she is! Smart and intuitive!

A lot of things happened and suddenly she was gone for about four days. Thats when I started to miss her and wonder what had happened. I did not have a good feeling and said to Daniel, lets take the car and open the windows so she can smell us and drive around the village. We drove around and searched for her for a while and when we got home she stood there on the drive way. It was like a sign for us. We had a connection that was invisible but was there and still is.

Baja Exiles animal rescue
Forever home and best buddy.

I have never had a dog, my husband has had plenty. Now I know for sure how attached you can get to an animal and how special dogs are. She is my first dog and I love her to death!

I could write about her forever but to I´ll try to make the Blanca story short!

My husband secretly emailed our landlord and asked about the animal situation and it turned out that they had just changed the rules and that we could have pets now! Hurray! Another piece fell in to place.

We took her to an Otay Vet and she got all the shots she needed and she was spayed and they also removed a tumor that they found in her stomach. Her rotten teeth was taken away and she got a microchip with a number so she can travel with us to Europe. It says “666″ (just kidding). We also found out she is a Chihuahua/Dachshund blend. A typical “mexican hot dog” and she is about 4 years old.

Baja Exiles animal rescue
From the Griffith Observatory Los Angeles

Well, now, from the bushes to L.A., she is an L.A girl. We go to the dog parks every Saturday where she can meet other dogs and play. She mostly put them in place. She does not get the “throw a ball-game”, she gets angry on the other dogs when they run around disturbing the order. She likes peace and quiet, loves classical music, relaxing music and loves laying in the warm sun in the hammock on our balcony. She sleeps between us in bed with her head on a pillow, like we do, haha. She gets a paw bath in the evening because the streets are dirty here. We eat ice-cream on Sunset blvd. and she have her own dog menu in one of the restaurants close by. Yes, we spoil her and now when we have had her for about 6 months she has started to play with some toys. She has a rag rat from IKEA that she takes care of like a baby and another toy that she just wants to kill. She is very protective and only aggressive on leash. She hides food around the house but is not the food monster she used to be. One time I had this huge migraine attack and just fell in bed feeling really ill and sick. She started to lick my arm and comfort me. Aaaaw, she is the best.

We are off to Europe in August so she can see Sweden and Finland, we are having her in the airplane in a bag. We are so excited.

Tiina And Daniel”


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  1. Superb story of acceptance on both your parts. There is, to my mind, nothing like a dog to complete that small space that houses and nurtures unmitigated love and loyalty. Just ask me, I have SEVEN, one of which is a new Irish Wolfhound puppy who joined us two weeks ago.

    Thank you for being open to her and letting her join you on your travels. I always have a second tag for leaving home, and rather than phone number, I have my email address on the tag as that never changes. Best to you both and Blanca. ‘-)

  2. Dear Blanca’s parents, so good to read your Baja babies story, we also have 4 rescues, new one from a mama dog we watched starving trying to feed her pups next door to our Campo. She, Mama just began to become a skeleton, so my friend Sylvia, a dear neighbor and friend and I began to buy 18 kilos bags of food for the old man, next door, who kept Mama, she began to flesh out again…we commence to bring a bit of food to Grandpa as well, and many other good folks here also, kindly left food for them all. As it turns out there were 8 puppy’s, 6 females and 2 males, so we kind of adopted them all, and the good ladies at Bites and scratches, did their spaying, on us of course, and Mama, and we managed to get them back for all their puppy shots me driving with Sylv wrangling the 8 puppy’s . Most have found homes, but 2 still need homes, they sare small to midsize , both females, one white with blond and peach pinto bits, but perfectly symetrical head dress, like a blond spaniel hat, and the other Black and Tan. All pretty babies…bless Blanca and yourselves, Sarah Grace

  3. Sound more like she adopted you guys than the other way around.

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